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Here in Hemmingford, the set of values and pride of belonging transcends generations. They fuel the pride of the community’s youth. Mayor Paul Viau expresses the fact that, “it is our youth who will benefit from the investments we are making today.” In a recent study conducted by CAI Global Group, a consulting firm, local youth were consulted, noting the importance of their role in our community. Mr. Viau goes on to say that “the involvement of young people in this project confirms the desire, in continuity, to introduce Hemmingford into a new era of growth and prosperity.”


To put these developments into practice, the youth of the territory have come together to form a youth council that works in partnership with the Hemmingford Sustainable Development Committee to target the short and long term objectives of the action plan. Under the guidance of Ms. Jayne McNaughton, Executive Vice President and Partner of CAI Global, and Mr. Gregg Edwards, a 41-year educator of our local youth, this young group will assist the Sustainable Development Committee in achieving the goals outlined in the action plan in the economic, social and environmental sectors.


Jayne McNaughton
Project leader
Executive Vice President and Partner, CAI Global Group
Marc-Émile Séguin
Junior member
Internal Relations Pure & Applied Sciences Cégep Édouard Montpetit, 2016
Trevor Blaise
Junior member
Marketing Communications International Business Dawson College, 2017
Trenton Blaise
Junior member
Event Coordinator Political Sciences Concordia University, 2019
Sophie Patenaude
Junior member
Marketing Communications Health Sciences Dawson College, 2017
Robert Lussier
Senior member
Internal Relations International Business John Molson School of Business Concordia University, 2016
Sean Enderle
Senior member
Secretary Treasurer, Event Coordinator Accounting John Molson School of Business Concordia University, 2016
Devon Watt
Senior member
Marketing Communications/Chief Social Media Officer Urban Planning Concordia University, 2016
Pierre Beattie-Dagenais
Senior member
External relations Political Sciences Concordia University, 2016
Justin Petch
Project Manager
General Management McGill University, 2016
Gregg Edwards
Special Advisor
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